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This is a prototype for our game HTech (Harmony Tech). Jam Theme - Waves. In this prototype you have to survive massive waves of enemies coming from nowhere. You're weak, but you have a Tech friend to save your life. Avoid enemies while using satelite to cut trough numbers of enemy lines.

Player is controlled via standart controll scheme. Satelite is controlled with mouse. Satelite has 3 states (melee atack, range atack, shield) but we've implemented only one - melee. Clicking forces satelite to spin very fast. In this state it can damage enemies.

Note: Spin damage is not ticking damage. You must cut enemies moving your satelite through them with the help of mouse.

The most fun part is the HTech itself. Your abilities are constantly change. You start to run faster but you loose your defence and etc. This process is cycled and your characteristics follow sine function. Not all characteristic are yet implemented. MoveSpeed, Radio Range and Melee damage are done. They are constantly bumbing up and falling down. There are more features about this HTech that we haven't done yet. You can upgrade your devise either increasing maximum apmplitude or incresing wave width thus including more characteristics in one wave. This will be implemented in future. Try to survice as much as possible. Good Luck.

We'll continue work on our game after the jam. This was a lot of fun and i'm excited to see the final result.


HTech - Windows 86.zip 14 MB

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