Hello everyone. This is our second Ludum Dare and we present you our new game. HourGlass Collector.
You start in an unknown place and you must escape from this time trap playing as a cute character.
You see a door, but it's closed with a special lock. You must find all keys in order to open it.
But these keys keep strange secrets. Will you make it to the end? Don't waste your time. Come and play HourGlass Collector.

P.S. Rules are constantly changing in this room. Don't miss hints. They will help you.
P.P.S Don't forget that you have a mouse.

I haven't checked the Linux version and it's archived with Rar. Good Luck guys. You'll need that.

W - Jump
A/D - Left/Right
R - Respawn at checkpoint
Esc - Exit the game.

Did you make it to the end? How many times did you die?

Music by Xcentric Noizz. All rights reserved.

Install instructions

Windows: just extract and run. Linux version i haven't tried and it's archived in rar.


Linuxx86_64.rar 16 MB
Windowsx86_64.rar 15 MB

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